Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rain On Our Parade...

~ We're home. Got up this morning, rushed the kids around to get dressed and then off the doctors we went for Lauren & Brooke's four year old well visit... which we were slightly behind on, but hey at least they are still four!! ;) They each had to get three shots, yep THREE! ~ Needless to say, they were not too happy about it, but all in all did a good job!

~ Our plans were to hang out at the pool all day at my parents house, then have dinner and sleep over in the camper, but since it's raining we decided to just hang out at home, watch some movies and eat Skittles & Starbursts!! ~ Later we are going to eat when Bryan gets home, then head to Titi Desiree's house to see her and Ryan and her family before they leave for the DR on Thursday. ~ The kid were hoping to swim there, but once again, it's raining! :(

~ Thankfully it's just one day that it's raining on our parade of things to do, and hopefully the rest of the week will be all smiles N sunshine! :) ~

~ Off to take advantage of the weather, and do some house cleaning and fix the movie for the kids! ~


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