Wednesday, July 14, 2010


~ Today is lacking a lot of things... sunshine for one. Which I think has a spiral effect on the rest of the day and what it seems to be lacking. ~ I'm completely lacking motivation to do anything... even though there are many things I should be doing... like cleaning, organizing, taking advantage of Summer break to get these things done when I'm not having to go to school, and then of course there is my Summer school work that I have yet to start. ~ It's also lacking the kids playing outside and being in a good mood, they are BORED.

~ Earlier I made a Scavenger Hunt list for them to do outside, since it stopped raining for a few minutes, but now it's so muggy and sticky out that they only did a few things on the list and wanted to come inside to get drinks and veg out. I can't say that I blame them, but now they are inside and fighting with one another and bugging each other constantly because they are BORED, and that in turn leads to a LOT of tattling and in turn drives me CRAZY!!

~ We are trying to manage through the day, but I'm lacking a lot of motivation to do anything, and at the same time I'm feeling completely frustrated because the house needs to be straightened up, cleaned and organized, there is laundry (as always) and my school work is seriously in need of some attention all while I feel I should be doing something fun with the kids to entertain them!! ~ they don't want to watch a movie, they don't want to take a walk or play outside, they don't want to do anything.... I even suggested a nap. LOL really that last suggestion was for my own peace of mind. ;)

~ So here I sit, typing away. Hoping that I will find something that will give me a swift kick in the butt and get me up and doing something...

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