Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ Gone Campin'

~ Just made some last minute plans for camping this coming weekend. :) although slightly stressful to get all the plans together, it's planned and we have reservations!! woo hoo!!

~ We leave on Friday, after Bryan gets home from work, and we'll come home on Sunday. It's a short get-away but a get-away none-the-less. Heather and Chris are going to go with us, their first time with their new camper, and they are also going to bring Nick & Kendall, Heather's brother and sister. Nick & Trevor will have a great time together and I'll help out with Kendall so it should be all good. My parents are also going and I think they are going to bring Julia, so that will be good. Three little girls don't get to play together that often and they love to play with each other.

~ My kids have been driving me up the wall the last few days!!!! UGH!!! they are constantly whining at me, and fighting/bickering with one another. It's completely making me NUTS!!! ~ so I'm hoping that this will help us all.

~ So today I'm going to try to finish up the house work, do some homework and also try to hang in there.... and not loose my mind!! :S ahhhhhhhhhh

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