Wednesday, July 14, 2010


~ Making some progress with housework! Feels good. The kitchen is pretty much done, just have to wash the run from in front of the sink and it's pretty much a wrap. I mean, sure there is some cleaning and organizing I could do in the pantry and under the sink, but that is the least of my worries right now. Maybe after I tackle all the other messes, I can get to those "minor" details. :)

~ Going to take a picture of the kitchen, for two reasons. 1. so I can show the "before" & "after" pictures on the blog, and 2. because who knows how long it will actually stay looking like this. ;)

~ Starting more laundry and then a quick stop to freshen up the bathroom, it's pretty clean, I do it most often because it's the smallest and easiest room to keep clean. lol

~ Hopefully I can get the entire upstairs of the house cleaned up and looking good today, then tomorrow maybe I can attack the downstairs! ~ We'll see. I'm thinking that plan is quite ambitious... it might even take me all the rest of the week to get upstairs done.

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