Friday, July 16, 2010

:) Happy Friday!!

~ It's FRIDAY!!!
Well almost every day feels like Friday when you are on Summer Break, but we are happy here because it means that it's the weekend for Bryan and all our family and friends, and we will get to hang out with them!

There has been a lot of weird and crazy stuff going on around here lately... some of it is completely a MESS and some of it we just have to shake our head out and wonder what the hell people are thinking!!! seriously.

I plan on doing some blog posts about all the stuff that is going on... just to sort it out in my own head and also to keep record of it. Some of it I just can't believe is really happening so it will be nice to be able to sit down and look back on all these times in our lives. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to type it all out... there is so much to tell and so many details that I don't want to leave out.

About FRIDAY though... I'm excited... We have a babysitter for the kids tonight, thanks to my wonderful parents, and we are actually going to go out to dinner and find something FUN to do with Heather & Chris!! It has been a while since Bryan and I had a babysitter and did stuff without the kids, so this will be nice.

Then tomorrow we have a TON of stuff going on... Bryan is on call and planning on working and then the girls both got invited to two different parties, and both parties are for their BFF's from pre-k... and they are BOTH at the SAME TIME!!! ugh. not sure what to do yet... but I think we are going to try to go to both! I just can't not go to one or either. Then Sunday is MX races, that I think we will go to. Trevor isn't racing this year, because he is scared of his new bike and unsure of how he will do racing it. :( Poor little guy, if he just gave it a try he would be fine, but we don't want to push him.... we'll see when he is ready he'll be ready. ;)

So that is all for now, and since I haven't done too much in the house since the other day I'm going to work on that some more, and I want to clean my car today to for my HOTTT date tonight with my husband!!


  1. Hope u have fun on ur date tonight! This is Crystal!!! And we have races too here locally we're going to. Tim is getting back into it and just doing the local ones and going slow. This time next year may be a different story and we'll be heading all over Texas again!

  2. :) thank you, it should be a good time. date night hasn't happened for a while so this will be a nice change. :) ~ very cool that Tim is getting back into racing... i'd be nervous as hell, but i'm sure he is a little bit. but like they say... you fall off the horse, you just have to get back on. good for him. bryan is thinking about racing again,but not sure, it's pretty expensive and with me in school and one income it'd be a little tight right now. maybe when i'm working. :) it's a fun sport. i hope trevor will get back into it. but it's what he chooses. :) have a great weekend and tell tim be careful, have fun, and to tear up that track!! :)

  3. Have fun!!!! I can't remember the last time Junior and i went out without at least one kid.